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Bread and Butter

Why, Hello there!


Hi! I'm Megan. Welcome to my blog. A place where I share all of the things that I am passionate about as a new homesteader! Simple living, scratch cooking and baking, thrifting, frugal living, gardening, home decor on a budget and more!

About me

My husband Matt and I live in beautiful Southwestern Ontario, Canada with our infant son, whom we conceived after nearly 7 years of fertility treatment! We had debt racked up from expensive fertility treatments and when our son was finally was a recession. And so, the cost of living was and still is on the rise.


Our family of three lives on a 4 acre residential farm surrounded my beautiful Niagara Escarpment. We are currently still renovating our 60+ year old home (ask me how much I love lath and plaster!) Here, we have ducks, chickens for meat and eggs, a very large garden area, and are working on establishing an orchard and food forest on our land.

When my son was born I began to challenge myself to live more intentionally everyday while I cherish the time I have with the baby I have wanted for so long. I am learning to utilize the land that we live on in as many ways as I can - growing food, housing animals, foraging, composting and more. I've become more aware of the cost of groceries and everyday household items and am learning to budget and scratch cook to feed my family. I am becoming more creative with DIYs and thrift shopping to save my family money and decorate our home. Follow along and join my everyday!

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